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Vodafone Holiday

Enjoy your Vodafone Holiday!

With Vodafone Holiday you have 300 minutes, 300 text SMS to your home Country and to all Italian numbers and 2 GB in 4G that you can use for Skype and Viber as well. If you travel around Europe, Smart Passport is already included at only 3 euros per day
300 minutesto all Italian numbers
and to your home Country
300 SMSto all Italian numbers
and to your home Country
2GBof internet
for Skype and Viber as well.
30 eurosActivation cost
SIM card included.
Do you want to activate a new SIM card? Visit one of our stores
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Usage Counter

If you want to know how many minutes, SMS and GB you have left:

  • Call the Customer Service at the free number 190
  • Go to
Full Details

Vodafone holiday costs 30€, including the SIM card and the first renewal. In case of new activation the basic plan of the SIM card will be “Vodafone 19” . It is not possible to activate the promotion online. If you are already a Vodafone customer you will be charged an extra activation fee of 19€. The fee will be charged to the credit of the SIM in 72 hours starting from the activation of the bundle. Vodafone Holiday is available only for rechargeable plans. To use your GB of data properly, please check the APN setting of your cell phone and enter the appropriate APN:,,, (with the option BlackBerry).

Vodafone Holiday is valid only for calls, messages and data usage only in Italy. The minutes and messages included are valid for Italian and foreign numbers versus countries included in the promotion. Pay-numbers (ex. 89xxxxx) and answering service are not included in the promotion.

We inform you that from the 21th of July the services “Recall” and “Chiamami” will be dispensed with a fee. To dismiss the services please contact the Customer Service at the free number 190.


If you exceed the minutes included in the promotion, you will be charged according to the promotion “My Country” while the SMS will cost as provided for the SIM basic plan. The set up fee is 19 cent; you will be charged on a 60 second basis. As provided by the General Conditions of the Contract, the Client have to conform to the criteria of good faith and honesty. The activation fee and the monthly fee of My Country are granted for free for clients subscribing Vodafone Holiday

For more information about the countries and the tariffs included in My Country go to

If you exceed the 300 SMS included in the offer, you will pay the SMS as provided by the SIM basic plan.

If you finish the GB of Internet included in the promotion you will be not able to navigate anymore until the promotion will be renewed again. Otherwise you can buy an extra GB on

Please remember that you will receive an SMS reminding that you are going to finish the minutes, SMS and GB included in the promotion.

Deactivation and Renewal

Vodafone Holiday is automatically renewed at 29 euros per renewal, even if there is not credit on the SIM card. In this case, please top up the SIM card in order to use the promotion. The renewal fee is pre-paid and it is valid for 4 weeks. If you want to deactivate the automatic renewal call the free number 42071.