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How to connect

It's very easy to connect to Vodafone network. If your mobile has not automatically been connected, you need to follow these simple manual instructions:

1- Select the item corresponding to "manual network selection" from the menu of your mobile. A list of Operators will appear on your display
2- Select Vodafone
3- Check what appears on your display. It should be one of the following:

I 10

Congratulations! Now you are connected to Vodafone network.

How to communicate

Once registered on Vodafone network, you will be able to call and receive call as if you were on your own network. Remember to put the international prefix of the Country before the called number. Otherwise your call will be directed to a local Italian number.
Besides voice calls, you can also enjoy data services, like WAP and Internet access.
If your own Operator has a GPRS roaming agreement with Vodafone you can also use the data services over GPRS, experiencing an improved and faster connection.

The Company

Vodafone is part of the Vodafone Group, a world leader in the mobile telecommunications sector, operating in 5 continents, and boasting over 100 million customers.

Vodafone was Italy's first private mobile operator. Since the Company's foundation in 1995, it has stood out for its innovative approach to both services and communication.

The GSM network covers 97% of Italy, representing 99.4% of the population, as does the GPRS network, which was completed at the end of 2000.

Network Coverage

Reliable and perfectly adapted to your mobility, Vodafone network offers you the possibility of using your mobile phone in Italy with total freedom and ease of use.
Vodafone is able to offer to the customers a GSM and GPRS national-wide network coverage with 97% footprint in Italy 99.4% of the population. Efforts are constantly carried on to improve network capacity and reliability.
Vodafone GSM network allows you to use also the more efficient 1800 frequencies.
Travel with complete peace of mind and enjoy your stay in Italy!

Tourist Information

Bring your mobile with you while visiting all the wonderful tourist and artistic places of Italy!
From Dolomiti mountains in the north to the wonderful Taormina in the south, you will be always in touch with the world with your mobile.
You can find full coverage in all the main Italian turistic areas.

Vodafone in the world

The Vodafone Group, a world leader in the mobile telecommunications sector, is present in 5 continents, and boasting over 100 million customers.